First Day in "India's First Coding Bootcamp - The Hacking School - Hyderabad"

Bootcamp: Day 1

Monday 26th March — The Hacking School’s March-2018-B cohort. The day some ten of us embark on a great journey for the next 13 intensive weeks with the dream and hope of becoming pro-web-application developers in MEAN and MERN stack.

Welcome to the weird, wonderful world of coding bootcamps, where a bunch of passionate guys dive headfirst into Javascript, React, Algorithm & Data Structure, through a super-accelerated computer science programs with the aim of shaking up their life and gaining the arms and ammunition (knowledge) in an industry, that is desperately in need of these warriors.

Session kick started at 11am with us taking out our brand new Dell Inspiron laptops. Meraj Faheem, the CEO and founder of The Hacking School arrived to greet us, and inspire everyone for our journeys into the world of software development. Telling the class, how nothing can match the joy, when you create an application or product, and some other people uses it to solve some of their problems. And advised us again and again to just build, build and build and ship the dirty version of our product first, at this stage, and not to unnecessary focus of optimization of the codes which can be picked up on the way as we master the skills after a while.

The rest of us also shared about who we are, and our expectation about coding bootcamps. Some acknowledged the risk that they took to quit their job, or move across the country or accross the globe to join bootcamp, and start an exciting journy into the world of technology. Instructors discussed the risk of giving up a solid industry job to teach.

After an hour for lunch when few of us made good use of Hyderabadi Dum Biryani, we got back to desks with a full on speed on HTTP architechture, requests-response cycle, classification of IP addresses, concepts of Port Numbers (how its represented by an integer value between 0 and 65,535) and how this fundametal knowledge will all make sense of whats happening under the hood, when we structure a MEAN / MERN stack app and set up a node server.

Bootcamps are deliberately intensive environments. We are learning a complex and fiercely intimidating subject within a very short amount of time. Things change fast. But things in the Javascript and web-technology space change ridiculously fast. So I only hope to keep my head above the water over the next coming weeks & months, and keep moving forward with the next set of “if-else” statements…